Testosterone Cypionate 300mg

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Testosterone cypionate 250 mg

Testosterone is one of the steroids that was invented first, and it has one of the best effects, not only for people who are starting their adventure with bodybuilding, but also for people who are already professionals.

Testosterone cypionate works like most steroids of this type . It helps increase muscle mass, even by several kilograms in a few weeks. So it gives amazing results. It is most often used by bodybuilders a few weeks before the competition because the optimal duration of treatment with this testosterone is 8-10 weeks. Testosterone cypionate is usually taken together with other agents, due to its side effects, i.e. quite high water retention, as well as the aromatization of testosterone to estrogen. When using testosterone cypionate, the production of testosterone naturally produced by the body is also blocked, so be sure to unlock this process.

The recommended dose of this testosterone is between 250 mg and 800 mg per week. However, this dose can be divided into two smaller ones and applied twice a week.

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