Trenbolone Acetate 100mg

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Trenblone Acetate 100 mg

This steroid is most often used by bodybuilders who expect very dynamic effects. It has been known for years and it is suspected that it was often used by bodybuilders in the 1980s.

It is intended for injection, which must be done quite often, even every other day, to maintain its constant level in the blood. First of all, it results in a rapid increase in muscle mass, and also helps burn unnecessary fatty tissue quickly. It accelerates metabolism and helps use the food supplied to the body well. However, this steroid for everyone. Used primarily in the initial stages of the cycle, designed for people who care about quick effects, such as before the competition. It can cause discomforts associated with the circulatory system, which, however, should pass after a few days. Although the product is manufactured by an experienced and proven pharmaceutical company, its main purpose is to use animals.

The recommended dose, which at the same time will provide good results and will not cause strong side effects, is between 50 mg and 100 mg per day. Do not exceed 200 mg per day for your own safety.

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